Saturday, August 10, 2019

Turning Away From Drug Abuse and Allowing God to Reign Over the Life Case Study - 1

Turning Away From Drug Abuse and Allowing God to Reign Over the Life - Case Study Example According to the organization’s strategy, the members are given a platform where they can hold meetings in accordance with the principles in the organization’s literature. The organization maintains no hierarchical authority structure. Meetings are held on the basis of the group’s specifications but adhering to the organization’s principles. When I joined my group, I was warmly welcomed by the other members who were more than willing to help me recover from my disease. The twelve step program aims at enabling a person to accept himself/herself as a powerless person over drug use and that his/her life had become unmanageable. The second step is concerned with helping the drug addict believe that a greater power can restore sanity back to the addict. The third step involves helping the addict turn away from drug abuse and allowing God to reign over the addict’s life. Through sharing our life experiences and how drug abuse had rendered our lives unmana geable, I realized how I had lost very many opportunities out of drug use. A self-realization process started taking control and I started keeping off from drug use at a slow pace. By the end of the program, I had fully recovered from drug abuse and can now comfortably manage my life (Milhorn, 2003). Through prayer and meditation, my conscious contact with God greatly improved and I continued taking the personal inventory of myself. When I made a mistake, I admitted the mistake and worked towards the betterment of my life. Attending the Narcotics Anonymous has truly helped me recover from the use of drug substances.

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