Monday, August 26, 2019

Managing Organizational Change - Project proposal Essay

Managing Organizational Change - Project proposal - Essay Example While going through literatures, I found impressing that ‘resistance is a resource, an opportunity and a power’ (Palmer, Dunford and Akin, 2009 and Ford and Ford, 2009) as resistance can help managers gain more ideas and feedback about the proposed changes. The course project paper will consider this as a personal model for specific change management and describe its theoretical perspectives and practical evidences based on relevant literatures. Exploratory research will be used in the paper to describe the change management concept of ‘resistance to change’ and to explore strategic initiatives to manage resistance, based on reviewing various relevant literatures in the field, taken from books and journals accessed from sources like EBSCO, Emerald etc. Apart from the course text book, journals will be used to review the literature that explores organizational resistance to change. Out of journal sources, the scholarly articles, Decoding Resistance to Change: Strong leaders can hear and learn from their critics by Ford and Ford (2009) and Navigating Organizational Change: Change Leaders, Employee Resistance and Work-based Identities by Dijk, R. V and Dick, R. V (2009) will be of greater use in the research paper as these sources have detailed much about managing resistance and approaching it as power and

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