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Management of Information System Change Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Management of Information System Change - Essay Example The widespread impact of continuous spells of pandemics and other biological attacks alerted the authorities of need for introducing and action plan against the emergencies related to all epidemics and pandemics. The foundation for BioSense was formulated as a national action aimed at improving the bio-surveillance facilities in the country with the amalgamation of existing resource data from all health care organisations and national agencies of data collection. The operation of BioSense is a great advantage to the emergency management system as it enhances the intensity of early detection of health related issues and the acceleration of remedial proceedings. The total action pack of BioSense is framed for simultaneous execution of collection, analysis and evaluation of public health care data from all sources specifically. The case contexts and beneficiary zones of BioSense’s services are DoD and VA hospitals, ambulance clinics, and large clinical laboratories apart from the direct live-wire data collection centers such as local hospitals, healthcare systems, and syndrome-surveillance systems. The functioning of BioSense has brought revolutionary changes in the effect of bio-emergency management systems with the implication of its uses in disease trend monitoring and tracking potential disease cases for synchronizing access to existing health surveillance systems. The initial plan of installing the system was on the ratio of one for each ten cities in the country in 2005.... ion, and in most cases, its prominence was seen to be nullified for lack of support and acceptability from larger hospital units and local health care providers. After evaluating all the points discussed in the journal, the eviction of such a system can be justified for many reasons described in the explanation that are to be read on. 2. Challenges for Implementation BioSense represents the proficiency of the web-based application of the software monitoring inter-hospital health and disease assessment. However, it is obvious that the operation of BioSense is a high profile deal with many professionals is required to access the conditions every moment. Detecting the early symptoms of a bioterrorist attack was the aim of CDC’s proposal for the installation of this system. It was also aimed at providing standards, infrastructure and data acquisition for early detection of every unfriendly situation. The introduction of new software was largely expensive for its operation. As evid ent from the details of the US Government Accountability office, BioSense acquired the financial aid of over $200million till 2006. The managerial challenges faced by BioSense were attributed to the functionary units in association with data collection. Majority of the questions were about the proximity and accuracy of the data collection from the three appointed sources namely, Department of Defense (DOD) Military Treatment Facilities, Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) treatment facilities and the Laboratory Corporation of America (LAbCorp) as to how timely were the data based on emergency situations. This question was supported by the irrelevance of the resource data as it took longer time to cover the concerned regions than the time required for emergency procedures of precocious measures.

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