Friday, August 30, 2019

Fake Myth

How Shadows Came To Be In the kingdom of Ridonicorn, there was a peculiar king named Shade. He claimed that he could stalk anyone without being seen. The Olympians knew him well, for his boasts were somewhat true. Often times, they bet on him to see if he tail people. Poseidon and Hermes almost always won the bets since they usually on the same side. If there was ever an argument, Artemis would settle it by choosing the right side of the bet. One day, Hermes and Poseidon didn’t place the same bet.Artemis was not there to settle the argument. This may seem trivial but it greatly upset the Olympians. They were so confused that no one else placed a bet. Poseidon thought Shade would not be able to follow the mysterious citizen and Hermes thought he would. Shade had already followed the citizen one mile into the enchanted forest near Ridonicorn when he heard a voice telling him to come into the bushes. He obeyed silently and went off his path. â€Å"What dost thou want? † sa id Shade to the voice.Then, right before his eyes, an old man with a cane came out of nowhere and said to him; â€Å"Only to help my king. † Shade was curious at his response In his weird manner of talking, he said; â€Å"What would thou doest to helpeth me in my quest from the gods? † â€Å"I have an enchanted necklace,† replied the old man. â€Å"that will make it so that no one can see hear you but the gods. † â€Å"Give it to me now! † ordered Shade. The old man gave it to him and Shade immediately put it on. â€Å"Did it work? † he asked the old man.Deceivingly, the old man replied; â€Å"Shade? Where did you go? † Shade was filled with happiness and continued his peculiar errand. He did not know that the old man was Hermes and could indeed see and hear him. Hermes was trying to â€Å"secure† his success of his bet with the necklace. However, no one knew that the person who Shade was stalking could see and hear him perfect ly. She was Artemis. She had left Olympus to take a break and hunt since she was not a good mood. When she noticed that Hermes was trying to win a bet, she was filled with nger. She shot an arrow right past Shade’s head. Shade was surprised since he thought he could not be noticed. â€Å"You think I can’t see you, mortal? † Shade shuddered. The way she said â€Å"mortal† made it seem as if she wasn’t. He was too late to notice and Artemis placed a curse on him. He and his offspring were forced to follow everyone without secrecy. Poseidon won the bet, Hermes had to do Poseidon’s chores for a millennium, and Shade (now Shadow) and his children had to follow everyone while always being seen for eternity.

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