Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Risk of Disease due to Heredity and Lifestyle Term Paper Essay

Risk of Disease due to Heredity and Lifestyle Term Paper - Essay Example That while both grew up under almost similar conditions, eating more or less similar foods, and with both developing affinity for basketball at early ages, the latters’ injury that left him with a broken leg during his second year in college would latter change his fortunes forever. Though Johnson remained focused on his studies, the loss of his basketball career was but a painful experience that pushed him into a partying spree that included heavy drinking, with beer alongside buffalo chicken wings and pizza finding way much into his daily diet. Despite the unforeseen circumstance that befell his brother, Lida never lost hope, spending hours conditioning his weight both in the gym and through sports in order to scale up the heights that they both started together. Unknown to Lida was the very fact that Johnson has gone extreme, eating convenience foods, heavy in protein, in effect avoiding the strenuous, time consuming fresh food preparation that are usually much healthier. At his graduation, Johnson weighed over 400 pounds, increasing even further after securing a job in one of the reputed auditing firms in the country. He, Jonson, would soon be diagnosed with hypertension, type 2 diabetes and mild kidney disease, all of which can be traced within the family lineage. More than anything else, he has more than worsened obesity statistics that the state is fighting so hard to reduce. It is more of a fact that obesity is a threat to a healthy lifestyle. The above diseases are more related to poor eating habits and inadequate physical exercises to help in the burning of excess fats within the body systems, and that more than ever, I am determined to pursue nutritional information as much possible, ensure the availability of nutrient-rich snacks, model healthy eating habits, and more than anything else, make tremendous efforts in practicing such healthy

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