Sunday, November 3, 2019

Response Memo Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Response Memo - Case Study Example However, the governors are full time employed in the Corporate secretary. The C.E.O is the senior most corporative Officer in the organization. Generally, he is in charge of managing organizational activities. In this organization, the C.E.O reports directly to the board of Governors (p.33). Additionally, he is charged with the responsibility of maximizing the entity value. He is also the director and the lead decision maker in the organization. On the other hand, he is represents the organization in the outside world. The Chief Finance Officer also a corporate officer directly reports under the C.E.O. His main responsibility in the organization is managing the organization’s financial risks. Additionally, he is responsible for record-keeping and financial planning. Alternatively, he deals with financial reporting especially to higher management. As a chief Operating Officer, I have different responsibilities for my organization and I ensure that I carry out these tasks to the maximum ability so that to have quality output and consequently increase the profit margin for the organization. ID Security develops software used by different organizations and I always make sure that the people operating subordinate to me understand the importance of carrying out their responsibilities effectively to the pleasure of our clients. The advance system that the organization with ensures that the clients not only receive the various biometric systems that we manufacture, but also ensure that we carry out follow up procedures and installations to ensure the effective working of these systems. It is critical to go through the responsibilities of my subordinates for it allows for the understanding of their operations, review their character and abilities and also advise on the best manners through which they can improve in their roles. Salary and the compensation package is however much lower as compared to the C.E.O and the C.O.O. Averagely, a yearly salary stands at

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