Wednesday, October 2, 2019

The History of Colonial Rule of Puerto Rico by United States :: Historical Colonization spanish Essays

The History of Colonial Rule of Puerto Rico by United States On July 25, 1898 the United States arrived in Puerto Rico. The U.S. defeated the Spanish and gained possession of the island. Despite the intimidation the Americans inflicted on the Puerto Ricans, the Puerto Ricans remained hopeful. The Americans were the representatives of the free world. They had written the Constitution and provided a Bill of Rights for their inhabitants. The Americans were the advocates of democracy, and the Puerto Ricans hoped the Americans would show the pathway to freedom. Unfortunately, the wishes of the Puerto Ricans were never fulfilled. The United States established a military government. The Americans arrived with racist, arrogant attitudes. They deemed the the Puerto Ricans ill equipped for self government, as as the descendants, or pupils of the inferior Spanish. The Americans believed only they could establish Puerto Rico as a respectable nation, because the United States possessed an arrogance rarely seen. As a result, they claimed Puerto Rico as their possession, to do with what they seemed appropriate. What resulted was an adverse effect on Puerto Rico brought upon by Americans, from an economical, political and social standpoint. The rule of the United States over Puerto Rico also further obscured the definition of Puerto Rican identity. The impact of early U.S. Colonial rule had an adverse economic effect on Puerto Rico. Before the arrival of the U.S. in 1898, coffee was the premier enterprise in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rican coffee was highly regarded in Europe for the quality of its flavor and had a price in the markets of Cuba, France, Spain and Germany. After U.S. possession, Spain considered Puerto Rico a foreign country, and raised its import tax on Puerto Rican coffee, while Cuba quadrupled its tariff on the Puerto Rican product.

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