Friday, October 18, 2019

Ajax Programming Method Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Ajax Programming Method - Essay Example Several applications such as ‘Google Suggest’ and ‘Gmail’ use the technique of Ajax. These services have encouraged and started the period of Ajax oriented web software (Pitafi, 2007). Ajax performs as client concentrated technique. In the initial phase, Ajax runs slowly because of the size of scripts, but afterwards it covers up for the initial deferral by becoming extremely cooperative to the reaction of the client. Thus, the initial delays are negligible as the overall increase in bandwidth makes Ajax an accurately feasible technique for software solution (Pitafi, 2007). Ajax has its own advantages and disadvantages. Thus, it is not good for all software applications. Software which involves offline accessibility is not suitable for Ajax model. It is more beneficial when high degree of communication is required between the software application and the user such as data entry application, data triangulation program and in software which necessitates asynch ronous actions (Pitafi, 2007). In a typical work environment, there are different application programs. While certain applications are large scale in nature and their performance and dependability are of supreme importance in organizations, other applications can be small and less vital. The maintainability of such application also differs from one application to the other. Therefore, it can be depicted that Ajax is not effective for every software application. In general, large scale commercial software which involves professional team and long run maintenance are better functioned by Java and .Net methods rather than Ajax. Ajax is more appropriate for applications where programming tasks are simpler, requirement of professional team is lesser and maintainability is of low importance. Ajax is a useful technique for designing rich, information based software. Ajax is not just a fad; rather the content developed by Ajax can significantly be used by several organizations in order to c reate value for the stakeholders (Walsh, 2012). DQ 2: Characteristics Ajax denotes a set of technologies and procedures which let webpages to be collaborative such as desktop applications. In comparison with other web applications, Ajax has different characteristics. Ajax distorts the edge of webpages and applications. In Ajax technique, the web server sends data to the browser for displaying information. Ajax has no intellectual ability, only information that is send by server to the web browser which makes the technique efficient. When the HTML document concentrates towards the browser window, Ajax runs behind the user interface and acts as a brain of the browser. Ajax can perceive incidents such as key press and mouse click and accordingly react on these actions without making new circuit to the server. Thus, by using Ajax, web application runs as desktop application because it can react faster, in accordance with user action. Furthermore, Ajax can unceasingly update the webpage by drawing information from behind the server, therefore providing user the feeling of using desktop application (OpenAjax, n.d.). The Ajax method is being utilized in chat applications. The chat technique in internet does not require asynchronous communication and also

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