Saturday, October 5, 2019

Public Perception of Race and Crime Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Public Perception of Race and Crime - Assignment Example Furthermore, the research design incorporated the use of Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews (CATI). This method was effective in the random assignment of questions to the respondent. Consequently, it eliminated potential response biased information. The authors further employed a regression analysis of the responses. This was essential in determining the degree of stereotypes in relation perception on crime and policy formulation. Other research designs that could have been incorporated would have been facing to face interviews with the white and black respondents. This would have helped to clearly capture their personal attitudes on racial decisions pertaining to crime and policy formulation. Â  The research had sought to prove that the racial stereotypes applied to African-Americans influenced public opinion, especially of the majority whites’, on issues of crime policy formulation. To this end, the research employed the use of Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews to collect data. Consequently, the research findings clearly revealed that the racial stereotyping of the African Americans by whites’ played a strong role in influencing public perception of crime and punishment. In particular, whenever the crimes were violent and committed by African American. Moreover, when punitive policies are being formulated, the racial stereotypes attached to the blacks played a major in determining the severity of the punishment. Moreover, the racial stereotypes in formulating criminal policy are also fuelled by the political sentiments pertaining to the crime. Â  To this end, several implications can be drawn from these results. Foremost, the political and social environment is still pervaded by racism towards the African American population. This is evident in the formulation of criminal policies that are more punitive to the blacks in comparison to the white population.

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