Monday, September 23, 2019

Staffing Organizations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Staffing Organizations - Essay Example The process of staffing involves getting candidates and interviewing them, a process that consumes resources and time. Success is certain if the right employee for the specific work is available at the right time in the organization (Heneman et al 2011). This paper reveals a three year recruitment plan for a coffee shop with three line managers and ten coffee servers. 2. Recruitment plan. The recruitment plan will identify the store managers and coffee server’s posts and job description. For the three store managers each will be required to possess certain descriptions that suit the job description. The job description can be obtained from the current employees by enquiring their opinion on their work. The plan should consider publicizing the current posts to obtain potential applicants. The scope of publicizing may vary depending on the level of the posts. The store manager’s posts may get a nationwide coverage while the coffee servers may get a local coverage. Places where there are potential job applicants can be selected. They include websites, local newspaper, conferences and higher learning institutions. The criterion for short listing candidates is decided in line with the job description for the specified posts. According to Noe et al (2009, p. 34), implementing the criterion will be an effective way of cutting down on the number of interviews. A decision on the personnel who will conduct the interview and selection process is made in the plan. The interviewers may involve the human resource representative, employment officer and heads of department where the new recruits will work (Mathis et al 2010). The screening questions for the candidates should be decided in the recruitment plan. The questions should be relevant and related with the posts. Questions that are discriminative should be avoided. Discriminative questions consider race, marital status, disability and ethnicity. Based on the answers provided by the interviewees, the interv iewers should have a plan on how to evaluate the candidate. The capabilities and personality of the candidate should be judged from the information they presented. It is determined weather employees to be hired will require training or experienced employees will be chosen. The organization can retain current employees and new recruits following the appointment by ensuring that their morale is increased. New recruits should complement the existing employees by bringing in new incentives as they share their experience. Morale can be increased if a coffee server with the knowledge is promoted to be a store manager. Rewards for work done increases the motivation of the employees and can be considered (Nkomo et al 2010). 3. Communication message for application. The communication message will give the name of the organization and their intention to obtain new employees. The organization will need three store managers and ten coffee servers. Each store manager will be in charge of activit ies in the given store, and will report to the director. The coffee server’s tasks will be to serve customers and will be answerable to the store manager. Each store manager will be required to possess a degree in hospitality and management studies or in a related field, with a one year experience in hospitality industry. The coffee servers will be expected to possess college education. Advertising the available posts can communicate the message to eligible candidates. The advertisements would state the name of the

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