Thursday, September 12, 2019

Social Welfare and Policy II Final Assignment Essay

Social Welfare and Policy II Final Assignment - Essay Example (Blau & Abramovitz, 2007) According to me this assertion is rational because whenever a social worker attempts to help his clients in any of their problems, in addition to the particular issue he has to confront with many other social welfare policies of government. Each and every function of government is being regulated and implemented by certain policies of its own. Though policies are the guidelines for a social worker, on certain occasions they might hamper or prevent his free involvement in social issues. Blau and Abramowitz states that social policies pervade every aspect of social work practice. However much we as individuals try to help a client, our capacity to do so ultimately depends on the design of the programs, benefit or service (Blau & Abramovitz, p.4). The opinion of the writers is authentic and every service or action that comes under the concern of individuals or society embodies a social policy. For instance, we realize and experience the rights and responsibilities of citizenship such a s right to vote, the right to have access to resources, the right to participate in civic structures and the equality before the law all through various social policies of government (Carson, Dunbar & Chenhall D. 2007, p.232). The thoughts projected in the book ‘Dynamics of Social Welfare Policy’, have imbued me with new conception to pursue my career as a social worker. The primary notion I gathered from this learning is that professionalism rests on a systematic body of theory that convince a social worker about causes, effect and opinion for work with individuals, groups, families and communities (Blau & Abramovitz,p.179). Secondly, the real and practical social worker relies not only on social welfare policies but also heavily on the psychological theories of personality and human behavior. Learning such a book would definitely help a

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