Sunday, July 28, 2019

Industry Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 3

Industry Analysis - Essay Example There are many factors that have made Unilever successful and some of these factors include management, employees, technology, customers, and product quality and product size among others. Unilever has an effective management that focuses on achieving the organization’s objectives and goals. The management cooperates with the employees to ensure that all organizational activities are carried out effectively. Strong and talented management is very important in any organization, it is the key success factor in an organization, and having a good management team is necessary, as it will get all activities done on time and effectively. Employees form part of important success factors in an organization. Employees’ turnover and commitment is very important as this determines the productivity in an organization. The presence of educated and dedicated employees increases the company’s success rate. Therefore, highly qualified and educated management team and employees de termines organization’s productivity, effectiveness and success. Technology also is a determining factor in an organization since there is no company that can survive or flourish without dated and high-tech. the quality and type of technologies used in a company determines its position and success based on the quality of the products it produces. In addition, for the company to be successful, it must have potential and consistent customers who increase the company’s profitability. The company needs to satisfy its customers and retain them in order to generate more profits. If customers feel happy and satisfied, the company will be able to attract more consumers and retain the existing ones hence more profit. Furthermore, product quality and cost also determine the success of a company. For instance, the company should offer high quality products at an affordable price to its customers. Today, many customers are

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