Thursday, July 25, 2019

Creating Powerful Performance Profiles Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 3

Creating Powerful Performance Profiles - Essay Example The talent director will use his skills to coordinate all programs on this direction. Once a year, the director reviews the standard recruiting procedures. In addition, there is a two week time frame for developing recruiting strategies for each sector within the organization. The talent director is has one month to source candidates for any vacancies. This occurs through advertisements, screening, interviews and pre-employment procedures. Three days after being engaged, new employees will be required to undergo in-house training programs to acquaint them with operations within the organization. This requires the talent manager to fully understand all operations in order to offer effective guidance to new employees. The talent manager will use his understanding of HR related laws and regulations in ensuring that the organization fully abides to every requirement. Monthly reviews are conducted with the aim of gauging the performance of the department in this respect. On the weekly briefings with the top managers, the talent director informs the management on the all new developments regarding the department. In addition, the talent director prepares performance reports on monthly basis which are supplied to the management of the organization. On this, the director puts into use the skills on communication and collaborative engagement. As a sales executive, I will be required to find market for the car company which sells vehicles in the region. This will also involve arranging and coordinating client demonstrations while providing them with competitive options and quotations. In addition, the sales executive will also be required to create an effective sales staff by providing quality guidance on the recruitment, interviewing and training of all the sales staff in the organization. Lastly, the sales executive prepares accurate weekly reports to the management while also preparing elaborate monthly report on the overall performance of

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